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Spirit of Music

    Keep My Faith
    David Marley

    Worlds all changing They trying to change us too I might be going crazy What am I to do Keep my faith Walls crumble around me I'm not surprised What could I do When you took my rights Keep my faith Like forty days and forty nights In this wilderness of life I am tempted Frustration stirs up strife Oh no no Keep my faith Circle around the sun The signs are in the skies The day will come After the night Mama say Keep my faith, what you gonna do Daddy say Lord Keep my faith Jah Jah say now Keep my faith People say Keep my faith Nothing they can do Keep my faith I even could be blue I keep my faith Could be down in the trenches Could be down in the trenches Keep my faith Could down on my last breath keep my faith One more thing Jim Walls crumble around me I am not surprised There's nothing I could do When they took my rights but What you say Keep my faith Jah Jah, Keep my faith What you gonna do Jah I Keep my faith I'll Keep my faith What you gonna do Keep my faith

    Don Was and Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

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