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Spirit of Music

Live Vol. 1

    One Good Spliff
    David Marley

    One Good Spliff Written by Stephen Marley We gon' do our best Never let it rest Till our good be better And our better best Said I don't drink coffee For they say It's just not right for me But what makes me irie Is if I could get a little piece of tree And build One good spliff Me and my little brothers We take a ride Gonna teach them All the lessons that I have learned in life One good spliff Me and my younger brothers We take a ride I've gotta teach them All the lessons that I have learned in life Sometimes I feel the pressure But I know that I'll be fine Just as long as you got me Something for my mind Now let me get a rizzla Little bit a herb Light a old match Let me settle my nerves I gotta feel real high Just to touch up on these tracks Several ounces a day as a matter of fact Now in Jamaica Where the air is clean And the buds all glisten with the glowing green Guaranteed to lift you up If you know what I mean Read me loud and clear Let me hear you scream Now, you haven't been there You should go there soon And pass through the country Get a touch of the boom Go back to your shack or your hotel room Call Mom and Pop says I'll be home soon Hanging with the Marleys all afternoon And I ain't coming home till next May or June Keep giving me the good vibration It's giving me that inspiration And I love that good sensation Matter of fact I think I might build myself one One good spliff Me and my younger sisters We take a ride One good spliff Start the day out right One good spliff I didn't get no sleep last night And I've got to get One good spliff I'm picking up Good vibrations One good spliff

    Don Was and Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

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