T H E  M U S I C  O F  T H E  M E L O D Y  M A K E R S F R E E  L I K E  W E  W A N T  2  B

C O V E R  A R T A B O U T  T H E  A L B U M

Free Like We Want 2 B (1995, Elektra)

Perhaps more than any of the Melody Maker's previous releases, this album showcases the individual talents of each bandmember. The result is one of their most consistently inventive and musically varied sets. The stripped down, propulsive "Power to Move Ya" leads off, followed by the title track, a classic Ziggy compositon about the real meaning of freedom.

Sharon and Cedella then share lead vocals for the first time on the excellent "Today". Track four, "Water and Oil"-- a biting metaphor for the relationship between rastas and politicians-- features a dread DJ turn by brother Stephen. "Live It Up" follows, a Ziggy composition with a sweet I-Threes style chorus. Stephen introduces Miss "Tipsy Dazy", and follows this with a beautiful ballad-like number called "Bygones". Next up is the Jamaican top-ten single "Hand to Mouth". Track 9, titled "In the Flow" is a funky slow jam with a wicked bass line. "Don't Go Nowhere" is followed by "G7", a calypso-like commentary on the politics of greed. Stephen's "Keep On" and Ziggy's heartfelt "Beautiful Mother Nature" round out the set.

"Free Like We Want 2 B" marks another milestone in the Melody Maker's recording history: it was the first release for their new label, and it was recorded at the new Marley Music studio in Kingston.

The Melody Makers
Let's just love everyone love

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1. Power To Move Ya
2. Free Like We Want 2 B
3. Today
4. Water And Oil
5. Live It Up
6. Tipsy Dazy
7. Bygones
8. Hand To Mouth
9. In The Flow
10. Don't Go Nowhere
11. G7
12. Keep On
13. Beautiful Mother Nature

Produced by the Melody Makers
Additional production: Paul Fox

Livicated to nature
"...hurt not the earth,
neither the sea, nor the trees..."

We give thanks and inspiration that Jah gave us. Special thanks also to Elektra Records for believing in us. Welcome to the family "Soul Rebel"...

-- The Melody Makers

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